Vision, goals, and values

EngineeringUK was formed in 2002 as The Engineering and Technology Board, a charity established to promote engineers, engineering and technology by raising public awareness.

Our Purpose

To inspire tomorrow’s engineers.

Our Goals

To improve the supply of engineers from the education system by:

  • inspiring school-age children about opportunities involving science, engineering technology and maths;
  • encouraging subject choices that maintain the option of a career in engineering and technology;
  • encouraging more children to pursue a career in engineering;
  • and improving the perception of engineers and engineering.

through both direct engagement with children and via the key influencers of children.

Our Vision

That the UK should be a place where the value of engineering is understood and appreciated and where the career opportunities for individuals within engineering are evident whether he/she is still at school or preparing to re-skill in later life.

Our Values


Everything we do is based on clear and up-to-date evidence, gained by listening to and learning from our community. We are open and honest with our insights and use them to inspire young people into engineering.

  • We build our reputation on high quality research
  • We gather and share knowledge and expertise from partners to understand the whole picture
  • We use our insight to make positive impact
  • We evaluate all of our work to ensure we focus on what matters


We are passionate about inspiring a new generation of engineers and making a positive difference to young people’s lives.

  • We are innovative in inspiring young people about the possibilities of STEM.
  • We are enthusiastic about our work and proud to tell others about what’s going on.
  • We recognise and celebrate success.


We work with others to maximise collective impact. We value diversity and we target our promotion of STEM to encourage a more diverse engineering community.

  • We deliver shared goals through consulting, listening and responding to others.
  • We work with and enable others to achieve better outcomes.
  • We are proactive in identifying and targeting underrepresented groups.
  • We respect others and are non-judgemental and inclusive in everything we do.