Skills Partnership

Through Corporate Membership we are supporting and growing the collective impact of work across the sector to help young people understand what engineering is, how to get into it, and be motivated and able to access educational and training opportunities on the way.

Corporate Members play a fundamental part in inspiring the next generation and helping to deliver impactful engineering focused STEM engagement activities and opportunities at a national and strategic level. As part of this network of employers, they also benefit from insight and analysis together with strategic support and advice, backed up by a regular communications programme and profiling opportunities.

Employers participate in the Skills Partnership at different levels and in ways that best meet their needs. What unites them is a fundamental belief that the UK needs more, and more diverse engineers and that a concerted, informed collective effort can make that happen. 


Employers can join the Skills Partnership programme as a corporate member or an associate member. Corporate Members help us deliver impactful engineering focused STEM engagement activities at a national, regional and strategic level while Associate Members support us at a regional level drawing on and sharing our expertise, insights and knowledge.

Members are committed to promoting inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities in the profession as well as inspiring young people to choose careers in engineering by providing engaging outreach programmes.

Collaboration and collective purpose
For the engineering community to succeed in attracting the volume and diversity of young people the profession needs, it’s essential to work together to reach young people in ways that work best for them. EngineeringUK Corporate Membership includes an invitation to our quarterly Business & Industry Panel and working groups, which provide opportunities to:

  • Share knowledge, learning and good practice
  • Broaden and sustain the impact of engagement activity and promote targeted, good practice intervention
  • Discuss UK STEM skills at a strategic level and engage with policy makers
  • Participate in a rolling programme of policy and voice events, and contribute to key political debates led by and supported by EngineeringUK

Strategic support
Research shows that a joined-up, strategic approach to regular STEM intervention is most likely to have a lasting impact on young people. In support of the collective drive to inspire tomorrow’s engineers, EngineeringUK provides Corporate Members with:

  • National and regional support from our business partnership team
  • A dedicated business partnership manager for the development of your STEM engagement strategy
  • Introductions and connections to relevant partners and stakeholders in each region and help to coordinate your activities throughout your network

Communications and profiling
Our communications programme keeps Corporate Members up-to-date and enables them to share information across the STEM skills community.

Insight and analysis
A shared understanding of the engineering labour market and pathways into the industry, coupled with a detailed understanding of what works, why and where we can improve, is critical to inspiring future engineers.

We base everything we do on evidence. We share our analysis and insight through in-depth reports, interactive dashboards and research briefings. In addition to this research and evaluation programme, Corporate Members have:

  • Access to bespoke statistical data on the requirements for engineering skills and insights and advice on key issues and developments in UK engineering
  • Insight into what works in STEM engagement to support programme development 
  • Opportunities to contribute to our annual research programme 
  • Updates and analysis of skills policy and regular policy briefings

Become a part of the skills partnership and have access to:

  • Higher recognition and increased profile as an employer providing inclusive and diverse careers in engineering
  • Expertise, insights and advice on key issues and developments in UK engineering
  • Exclusive early bird access to new research, findings and insights from EngineeringUK
  • Greater voice and representation in UK engineering to policy makers and education institutions 
  • Opportunities to shape and deliver engineering focused STEM programmes across the sector
  • 24-hour access to the members only area on Sharepoint for policy news, roundups and factsheets
  • A dedicated regional business partnership manager who provides bespoke strategic support
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded organisations to build long-term relationships at member events (for example Business and Industry Panel Meetings)
  • Shared knowledge, learning and good practice

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