Our equality, diversity and inclusion bursaries

We are offering bursaries to schools who work with young people who are under-represented in the engineering profession. This is to help these schools overcome barriers to participating in STEM engagement programmes.

This academic year our bursaries are available for the Robotic Challenge, Big Bang Competition, Big Bang at School and to engage with activities on the Neon website. They range in value from £300 to £1,500 depending on the activity. 



The bursaries are available to schools who meet our EDI Criteria, which take into account free school mean eligibility, the proportion of ethnic minority students, those with special educational needs and rural locations.


What the bursaries can be spent on

The bursaries can be used very flexibly, for example, to:

  • Pay for teacher cover
  • Overcome digital poverty through the purchase of digital devices or data
  • Buy resources for a project the young people are working on
  • Hire or buy specialist equipment to support activity (this could include software)
  • Pay for quality assured engineering activities for a Big Bang at School, as featured on Neon
  • Pay to print materials


Requirements of the bursary

The application process is straightforward and the requirements are small. We only require that participating schools sign and return a simple bursary agreement and also complete an online survey afterwards about how the funds made a difference to them and what they were spent on.

Our equality, diversity and inclusion bursaries are funded by donations from a range of sources, all of which go to schools. Current funders include The Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund, individual donors and core funding from EngineeringUK.


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